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2017 FQBG Provincials Schedule
Please Note Ė in the case of any discrepancy, the official schedule at the event will supersede the schedule posted on this site.

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Friday, March 24, 2017

TimeVenue: Asbestos: Connie Dion
   #    Game Type       Home    Score     Visitors    ScoreStatus
20:00 - 20:501Women BIGA Brompton/Resto Maxime (Host)0VS.Lanaudière 2-Fire Girls 0Complete
20:50 - 21:402Women BLanaudière 3-Les granules 1VS.Laurentides-Gladiatrices 1Complete
21:40 - 22:00Opening CeremoniesScheduled
22:00 - 22:503Champions CupSt-Hyacinthe-Dekalb 0VS.Brompton-Vidéoclip 1Complete
22:50 - 23:404Champions CupMaç. Yvon Lavigne (Def. Champs)0VS.Boisbriand 2-DIS 3Complete
23:40 - 23:505Champions CupBoisbriand 1-CS Terrebonne 2VS.Québec-GT Québec 0Complete

Saturday, March 25, 2017

TimeVenue: Asbestos: Connie Dion
   #    Game Type       Home    Score     Visitors    ScoreStatus
0:30 - 1:206Champions CupVaudreuil-SDL/monconseiller.ca 1VS.Doormen (Host)2Complete
9:00 - 9:507Women BRich/Yam-Les Guerrières 3VS.IGA Brompton/Resto Maxime (Host)0Complete
9:50 - 10:408Champions CupSt-Bruno-Bar le Portage 0VS.Maç. Yvon Lavigne (Def. Champs)2Complete
10:40 - 11:309Women BLanaudière 1-As Ste-Anne-des-Plaines 1VS.Laurentides-Gladiatrices 2Complete
11:30 - 12:2010Champions CupBrompton-Vidéoclip 3VS.Boisbriand 1-CS Terrebonne 4Complete
12:20 - 13:1011Champions CupDoormen (Host)0VS.Boisbriand 2-DIS 2Complete
13:10 - 14:0012Champions CupVaudreuil-SDL/monconseiller.ca 0VS.St-Bruno-Bar le Portage 2Complete
14:00 - 15:0013Champions CupQuébec-GT Québec 3VS.St-Hyacinthe-Dekalb 1Complete
15:00 - 15:5014Women BLanaudière 2-Fire Girls 0VS.Rich/Yam-Les Guerrières 3Complete
15:50 - 16:4015Women BLanaudière 3-Les granules 1VS.Lanaudière 1-As Ste-Anne-des-Plaines 0Complete
16:40 - 17:3016Men's Quarter-FinalMaç. Yvon Lavigne (Def. Champs)3VS.Vaudreuil-SDL/monconseiller.ca 0Complete
17:30 - 18:2017Men's Quarter-FinalSt-Bruno-Bar le Portage 1VS.Québec-GT Québec 2Complete
18:20 - 19:2018Men's Quarter-FinalBrompton-Vidéoclip 3VS.Doormen (Host)4Complete
19:20 - 20:1019Womens Quarter FinalLanaudière 3-Les granules 0VS.IGA Brompton/Resto Maxime (Host)1Complete
20:10 - 21:0020Womens Quarter FinalLanaudière 2-Fire Girls 2VS.Lanaudière 1-As Ste-Anne-des-Plaines 1Complete
21:00 - 21:5021Men's Quarter-FinalBoisbriand 2-DIS 1VS.St-Hyacinthe-Dekalb 2Complete
21:50 - 22:4022Men's Quarter-FinalBoisbriand 1-CS Terrebonne 4VS.Maç. Yvon Lavigne (Def. Champs)3Complete
22:40 - 23:3023Women's Semi-FinalRich/Yam-Les Guerrières 2VS.IGA Brompton/Resto Maxime (Host)0Complete
23:40 - 23:5524Women's Semi-FinalLaurentides-Gladiatrices 0VS.Lanaudière 2-Fire Girls 1Complete

Sunday, March 26, 2017

TimeVenue: Asbestos: Connie Dion
   #    Game Type       Home    Score     Visitors    ScoreStatus
8:30 - 8:2025Men's Semi-FinalSt-Hyacinthe-Dekalb 3VS.Doormen (Host)2Complete
9:20 - 10:1026Men's Semi-FinalBoisbriand 1-CS Terrebonne 2VS.Québec-GT Québec 4Complete
10:10 - 11:1027Women's BronzeLaurentides-Gladiatrices 0VS.IGA Brompton/Resto Maxime (Host)1Complete
11:10 - 12:1028Women's GoldLanaudière 2-Fire Girls 0VS.Rich/Yam-Les Guerrières 2Complete
12:10 - 13:1029Champions Cup BronzeDoormen (Host)2VS.Boisbriand 1-CS Terrebonne 3Complete
13:10 - 14:1030Champions Cup GoldQuébec-GT Québec 3VS.St-Hyacinthe-Dekalb 2Complete

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