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2016 OBA Intermediate Mens Provincials
Tournament Summary
Mar 18 - Mar 20, 2016 - Cornwall, ON
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Intermediate Men
Final Standings
Final Standings Team
GoldBallbroomers -E2
SilverA Few Good Men -CW2
BronzeLacombe -E1
Tournament Awards
1st Team Provincial All Star
Forward#97 - Kory Shaver - Ballbroomers -E2
Forward#5 - Rob Archambault - A Few Good Men -CW2
Forward#11 - Pierre Lacombe - Lacombe -E1
Defense#11 - Justin McMahon - Ballbroomers -E2
Defense#9 - Henry Bos - A Few Good Men -CW2
Goalie#29 - Cam Dawson - A Few Good Men -CW2
Coach# - Clayton Ouderkirk - Ballbroomers -E2
2nd Team Provincial All Star
Forward#24 - Ian Dann - A Few Good Men -CW2
Forward#9 - Ryan Vanloon - Lacombe -E1
Forward#25 - Kevin Decaire - Tecumseh Warriors SW1
Defense#16 - Quinn Ouderkirk - Ballbroomers -E2
Defense#8 - Bryan Hillis - Lacombe -E1
Goalie#94 - Bryce Seguin - Tecumseh Warriors SW1
Coach# - Rick Archambault - A Few Good Men -CW2
Overall Tournament Stats including Playoffs
A Few Good Men -CW2 642089740
Ballbroomers -E2 330064114
Lacombe -E1 422048636
Tecumseh Warriors SW1 422047749
Valley Canucks -Host 312021310
Special K -CW1 202002512
VKH Vikings -WC 202001310
Tournament Summary for Intermediate Men
Total Teams Participating:7
Total Players Participating:131
Total Games Played:12
Over Time Games:2
Total Goals Scored:32 (Average per game 2.67)
Total Assists Awarded:39
Total Penalties:82 (Average per game 6.83)
Total Penalty Minutes:176
Most Goals:
3 - Pierre Lacombe - Lacombe -E1
Most Assists:
3 - Ian Dann - A Few Good Men -CW2
3 - Dean Wynja - A Few Good Men -CW2
Most Points:
5 - Pierre Lacombe - Lacombe -E1
Most Penalty Minutes:
14 - Austin Turner - Tecumseh Warriors SW1
Goalie Stats
Most Shutouts:
1 - Cam Dawson - A Few Good Men -CW2
1 - Colby Huybregts - Ballbroomers -E2
1 - Bryce Seguin - Tecumseh Warriors SW1
(6 More Goalies Tied at 1)
Most Wins:
4 - Cam Dawson - A Few Good Men -CW2
Best Goals Against Average:
(Based on 4 or more games)
GP: 4 - GAA: 1.50 Kevin Dumont - Lacombe -E1
GP: 6 - GAA: 1.17 Cam Dawson - A Few Good Men -CW2
Most Goals For:
9 - A Few Good Men -CW2
Most Goals Against:
7 - A Few Good Men -CW2
7 - Tecumseh Warriors SW1
Most Penalty Minutes:
49 - Tecumseh Warriors SW1
Penalty Stats
Penalties #
Cross Checking6
Game Misconduct1
High Broom3
High Sticking5
Hitting from Behind1
Match Penalty2
Too Many Men2
Unsportsmanlike Conduct1
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