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Betty & Harry Squibb
2000 - Builder - Embrun, ON

Harry and Betty Squibb have been in the mainstream of broomball in Ontario for years. They epitomize the true essence of the sport of broomball.
Harry and Betty are constantly referred to as the Mr. and Mrs. Broomball as a direct result their dedication and devotion to the sport of broomball. Jim Bray, sports columnist of the Ottawa Citizens newspaper referred to the Squibbs as “broomball’s first family” in a March 1997 half-page write-up on broomball.

Betty, unlike her husband and family has never played the game of broomball, a rarity for a Squibb. Broomball however was in her blood long before she met Harry. Her father first played the game back in 1905 on Lake Simcoe in Ontario. Even though Betty has never played the game she certainly has been deeply involved as an executive, volunteer and a fan for the pure love of the game.

The Innisfil Men’s Broomball League (IMBL), has been extremely fortunate to have Harry as their President and Betty as their Secretary/ Treasurer since 1974 for a total of 25 years. Every Sunday and Wednesday like clockwork Betty and Harry spent their time at the Lefroy Arena. Their gift to all who love the game has spanned so many years it is difficult to recall a time when Betty and Harry have not been the driving force. They both have decided not to continue their role in the executive of the IMBL. A recent league meeting has elected a new executive to replace Betty and Harry. Of special note, the new executive consists of 6 people which provide some indication of the dedication and volunteer work preformed by Harry and Betty (6 people to replace 2).

Betty and Harry have shared both their family and their home with the broomball players and administration. They have hosted countless meetings (league, region, Provincial, and National committees) and provide hospitality to the stranded (if Harry didn’t get the roads cleared in time, since he use to plow them).

Harry has also been on the Central East Regions Board of Directors since the 1970’s. Betty was the secretary of the Central East Region from 1980 to 1985. Betty then became 1st vice-president administration for the province (FBAO).

Betty and Harry were actively involved in the hosting of the 1991 Canadian Senior National Championship in Barrie, and the 1995 Canadian Senior National Championships in Innisfil. Betty was the registrar, while Harry was in charge of public relation for both events.

Harry at the age of 65 and his wife, Betty decided to start a junior broomball program in Innisfil . The program has already seen some fruits of their labour with the midget boys team winning the Ontario junior championship in 1999. Harry has also in his spare time has coached many, many broomball teams in the ladies and mens to league and regional championships.

The Central East Region of Ontario awards individuals with the Mr. & Mrs. Broomball award for dedication and involvement to the sport. Indeed if there was ever a definition of the role model for the award it would have to be Betty and Harry. Harry was previously awarded the Mr. Broomball award for the Central East Region in 1979 while Betty had previously received the Mrs. Broomball for the Central East Region in 1980 and 1989 for her devotion and service to the game. At the 2000 Regional Championships, a month ago they received the Mr. & Mrs. Broomball Award for their 25 years of dedication and service for their executive roles in the Innisfil Men’s League.

Betty was the first female to be inducted into the Ontario Broomball Hall of Fame in 1988. Harry followed her closely behind with his induction into the Ontario Broomball Hall of Fame in 1990.

Harry and Betty received special recognition from the Province of Ontario in the early 1990’s for her volunteer work for the sport of Broomball. In 1976 the township of Innisfil honoured Harry for his volunteer work in the amateur sport.

Betty and Harry have attended more league, playoff and tournament games; Regionals; Junior Provincials; Senior Provincials; Senior Nationals and Junior Nationals than most people could fathom. The Squibb’s annual trips to the National Championships have extended from Yellowknife; NWT; Kamloops and Chiliwack B.C.; Lethbridge, Edmonton and Leduc, Alberta Saskatoon, Saskatchewan; 2 trips to Winnipeg, Manitoba; Cornwall, Barrie, Innisfil and Embrun, Ontario; Montreal, Quebec; Monction, 2 trips to Bathurst, New Brunswick; Goose Bay, Labradour, and a planned trip to Halifax, Nova Scotia for the 2000 Canadian Senior Championship, next week.

Harry and Betty travel to these events for the love of the game. A number of their trips have been involved their children, and grandchildren. Broomball after all has been a way of life for the Squibb family. Broomball will always be around in some way or form as long as there are dedicated people like the Squibbs, who have spent a lifetime in the sport, and a lifetime passing it on to future generations of not only their family but others as well.

As we accept the legacy of that Betty and Harry have nurtured in this sport over the years, the best award we could give them would be to continue to build and promote the sport we all love.

Betty and Harry always seemed to know what the sport needed; a cautious approach or “a kick in the pants”.

While their expertise can never be replaced. All members that go forward in the sport owe a debt of gratitude to Betty and Harry Squibb. They are indeed Broomball’s First Family.

Nominated by Dave Hillis – President of FBAO
Seconded by Allan Lees – Board of Directors of FBAO
Inducted on Sunday April 2, 2000 at the Canadian Junior National Broomball Championship in Embrun/Russell, Ontario

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Published on: May 5, 2009
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