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Hall of Fame

Diane Lambert – Platford
2002 - Builder - Oak Bluff, MB

Nomination Criteria Description

    • Diane was on the Board of Directors for the MABA and served on the CBF B.O.D. from 1981-1991 at several volunteer positions
    • 8 years with the M.A.B.A.
    • 6 years with the C.B.F.
    • Organized the Thompson and Norman region leagues
    • Implemented coaches and officials programs provincially and nationally
    • Set many of the policies and regulations provincially and nationally that are still in effect today
    • Implemented M.A.B.A. Juveniles into the Manitoba Winter Games
    • She is still a volunteer in her community today and co-chaired the Manitoba Winter Games in the Norman Region

    CBF Hall of Fame

    It gives me great pleasure to be able to present this award to someone so deserving recognition for their involvement in the sport of Broomball.

    Diane Lambert-Platford started playing the game in 1979 with a women’s team from Northern Manitoba called the “Purple Ravens”. Diane continued to play senior Women’s Broomball until 1986. During these years, Diane participated in seven Manitoba Elite Provincials and represented Manitoba at three Canadian Nationals. From 1981 to 1989, Diane held positions on the Manitoba Amateur Broomball Association as Secretary, Treasurer, President and Past President.

    During her term as President, Diane implemented much of the structure that to this day is followed by the Manitoba Association. Not only was Diane the first woman President of the Manitoba Association, but she also became the first woman President of the C.B.F. Diane chaired this position for four years and served as Past President for another two. Again, Diane contributed to the betterment of Broomball by engaging many of the programs that the C.B.F. has in place today.

    From 1988 to 1992, Diane played Mixed Broomball provincially and attended the first World Broomball tournament in 1991. She finally ended her career in 1992 when she played in the Western Canadian Championships.

    Diane has always been involved with numerous committees and organizations within her community, province, and nationally. In recognition for her time, commitment, and dedication to the sport of Broomball, I, on behalf of all the athletes, the Manitoba Amateur Broomball Association and the Canadian Broomball Federation, welcome Diane Lambert-Platford into the Canadian Broomball Hall of Fame as a builder in this great sport!

    (Due to commitment to her children’s pastime, she is unable to be here tonight to accept this award. Diane expressed these thoughts to me: “I have had the pleasure to work with many people over the years and have had the opportunity to travel to many provinces and meet many friends over the years and am grateful to be recognized by my peers. Thank you.”)

    Presented by Rick Simpson
    M.A.B.A. Past President

    1979-80 Purple Ravens Elite Provincials
    1981-82 Elite Provincials & Nationals Secretary/Treasurer
    1982-83 Elite Provincials
    1983-84 Elite Provincials & Nationals President
    1984-85 Elite Provincials
    1985-86 Elite Provincials & Nationals
    1986-87 Past President President *
    1988-89 Lambert’s Elite Mixed Provincials
    1991-92 Mixed 1st World Broomball Tournament
    Sizzlers Intermediate Provincials & Western Canadian Championship
    March 1994 Co-chaired Manitoba Winter Games
    * First woman CBF President
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    Published on: May 5, 2009
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