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Since 1977, CBF has held 40 Seniors Women's Championships

Seniors Women's

Year: 2016Host: Owen Sound, (ON)
Gold: Huskies (QC)Silver: OSS (ON)Bronze Eastern Rebels (ON)
Fourth: Odessa Storm (SK)Fifth: Sixth
Seventh: Eighth:

Year: 2015Host: Montreal (QC)
Gold: Huskies (QC)Silver: Eastern Rebels (ON)Bronze OSS (ON)
Fourth: Ice Crashers (QC)Fifth: Sixth
Seventh: Eighth:

Year: 2014Host: Calgary (AB)
Gold: Huskies (QC)Silver: Eastern Rebels (ON)Bronze Polar Ice (ON)
Fourth: Regina Ice Devils (SK)Fifth: Saskatoon Flyers (SK)Sixth Calgary Outlaws (AB)
Seventh: Eighth:

Year: 2013Host: Regina (SK)
Gold: Huskies (QC)Silver: Eastern Rebels (ON)Bronze Vipers (ON)
Fourth: Debden Roadrunners (SK)Fifth: Regina Ice Devils (SK)Sixth Saskatoon Flyers (SK)
Seventh: Calgary Outlaws (AB)Eighth:

Year: 2012Host: Stratford (ON)
Gold: Huskies (QC)Silver: OSS (ON)Bronze Vipers (ON)
Fourth: Polar Ice (ON)Fifth: Ice Crashers (QC)Sixth Odessa Storm (SK)
Seventh: Ste Anne des Plaines (QC)Eighth:

Year: 2011Host: Blainsville (QC)
Gold: Huskies (QC)Silver: OSS (ON)Bronze Rebels (ON)
Fourth: Ice Crashers (QC)Fifth: Vipers (ON)Sixth Ste Anne des Plaines (QC)
Seventh: Saskatoon Flyers (SK)Eighth: Regina Ice Devils (SK)

Year: 2010Host: Arnprior (ON)
Gold: OSS (ON)Silver: Huskies (QC)Bronze Crushers (ON)
Fourth: Lethbridge Fillies (AB)Fifth: Sixth
Seventh: Eighth:

Year: 2009Host: Saskatoon, (SK)
Gold: Huskies (QC)Silver: McMillan Sand & Gravel (ON)Bronze Vipers (ON)
Fourth: OSS (ON)Fifth: Ice Devils (SK)Sixth Flyers (SK)
Seventh: Odessa (SK)Eighth: Wasabi (AB)

Year: 2008Host: Blainville, (QC)
Gold: McMillan Sand & Gravel (ON)Silver: Quest (QC)Bronze Huskies (QC)
Fourth: Rebels (ON)Fifth: Flyers (SKn)Sixth Ste. Anne des Plaines (QC)
Seventh: Young & Wild (ON)Eighth:

Year: 2007Host: Selkirk, (MB)
Gold: Huskies (QC)Silver: McMillan Sand & Gravel (ON)Bronze Rebels (ON)
Fourth: Ice Devils (SK)Fifth: Flyers (SK)Sixth Brainfreeze (SK)
Seventh: Hexx (MB)Eighth: Gold Diggers (MB)

Year: 2006Host: Leduc, (AB)
Gold: Huskies (QC)Silver: McMillan Sand & Gravel (ON)Bronze Quest (QC)
Fourth: Hexx (MB)Fifth: Sixth
Seventh: Eighth:

Year: 2005Host: Prince George, (BC)
Gold: Huskies (QC)Silver: Rebels (ON)Bronze Quest (QC)
Fourth: Regina (SK)Fifth: Sixth
Seventh: Eighth:

Year: 2004Host: Longueuil, (QC)
Gold: Quest (QC)Silver: Bullets (AB)Bronze McMillan Sand & Gravel (ON)
Fourth: Farmerettes (ON)Fifth: Sixth
Seventh: Eighth:

Year: 2003Host: Cornerbrook, (NF)
Gold: McMillan Sand & Gravel (ON)Silver: Bullets (AB)Bronze Huskies (QC)
Fourth: Hawks (MB)Fifth: Sixth
Seventh: Eighth:

Year: 2002Host: Ottawa, (ON)
Gold: Huskies (QC)Silver: Farmerettes (ON)Bronze McMillan Sand & Gravel (ON)
Fourth: Quest (QC)Fifth: Sixth
Seventh: Eighth:

Year: 2001Host: Calgary, (AB)
Gold: McMillan Sand & Gravel (ON)Silver: Bullets (AB)Bronze Huskies (QC)
Fourth: Express (AB)Fifth: Sixth
Seventh: Eighth:

Year: 2000Host: Halifax, (NS)
Gold: Huskies (QC)Silver: Angels (AB)Bronze McMillan Sand & Gravel (ON)
Fourth: Canadian ForcesFifth: Sixth
Seventh: Eighth:

Year: 1999Host: Bathurst, (NB)
Gold: Huskies (QC)Silver: Farmerettes (ON)Bronze Ambush (AB)
Fourth: McMillan Sand & Gravel (ON)Fifth: Sixth
Seventh: Eighth:

Year: 1998Host: Regina, (SK)
Gold: Huskies (QC)Silver: McMillan Sand & Gravel (ON)Bronze Phoenix (AB)
Fourth: Bullets (AB)Fifth: Sixth
Seventh: Eighth:

Year: 1997Host: Chilliwack, (BC)
Gold: Bullets (AB)Silver: Storm (MB)Bronze Satellites (ON)
Fourth: Huskies (QC)Fifth: Sixth
Seventh: Eighth:

Year: 1996Host: St. Hubert, (QC)
Gold: Storm (MB)Silver: Entremi (QC)Bronze McMillan Sand & Gravel (ON)
Fourth: Remax (QC)Fifth: Sixth
Seventh: Eighth:

Year: 1995Host: Barrie, (ON)
Gold: Entremi (QC)Silver: Barrie Sattelites (ON)Bronze Storm (MB)
Fourth: Parr Line (ON Host)Fifth: Sixth
Seventh: Eighth:

Year: 1994Host: Lethbridge, (AB)
Gold: Selects (AB)Silver: Quebec Chiasson (QC)Bronze Honey Bees (ON)
Fourth: Storm (MB)Fifth: Sixth
Seventh: Eighth:

Year: 1993Host: Goose Bay, (NL)
Gold: Chiasson (QC)Silver: QuebecBronze Honey Bees (ON)
Fourth: Satellites (ON)Fifth: Sixth
Seventh: Eighth:

Year: 1992Host: Saskatoon, (SK)
Gold: QuebecSilver: AlbertaBronze British Columbia

Year: 1991Host: Barrie, (ON)
Gold: Barrie Sattelites (ON Host )Silver: Alfred Sports (ON)Bronze Construction Chiasson (QC)
Fourth: Edmonton Selects (AB)Fifth: DT Drifters (SK)Sixth Bandettes (MB)
Seventh: St. O'Flaherty's(B C)Eighth: My Apartment (NS)

Year: 1990Host: Beresford/Petit-Rocher, (NB)
Gold: QuebecSilver: OntarioBronze Quebec

Year: 1989Host: Winnipeg, (MB)
Gold: OntarioSilver: QuebecBronze Alberta

Year: 1988Host: Yellowknife, (NT)
Gold: QuebecSilver: OntarioBronze Alberta

Year: 1987Host: Montreal, (QC)
Gold: AlbertaSilver: Quebec HostBronze Quebec

Year: 1986Host: Kamloops, (BC)
Gold: AlbertaSilver: OntarioBronze Quebec Host

Year: 1985Host: Leduc, (AB)
Gold: QuebecSilver: OntarioBronze New Brunswick

Year: 1984Host: Moncton, (NB)
Gold: QuebecSilver: New BrunswickBronze Ontario

Year: 1983Host: Cornerbrook, (NF)
Gold: QuebecSilver: SaskatchewanBronze Ontario

Year: 1982Host: Cornwall, (ON)
Gold: Quebec "B"Silver: OntarioBronze Quebec "A"

Year: 1981Host: Val d'Or, (QC)
Gold: QuebecSilver: Val d'Or, (QC)Bronze Saskatchewan

Year: 1980Host: Saskatoon, (SK)
Gold: QuebecSilver: OntarioBronze Saskatchewan

Year: 1979Host: Val d'Or, (QC)
Gold: QuebecSilver: Nova ScotiaBronze Ontario

Year: 1978Host: Halifax, (NS)
Gold: Nova ScotiaSilver: New BrunswickBronze Ontario

Year: 1977Host: Calgary, (AB)
Gold: n/aSilver: n/aBronze n/a

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